Human trafficking is modern day slavery.  Exploitation is the key element, whether a person is moved across a border or not.  People are trafficked for sex, labor, servitude, or the removal of organs. Victims are unable to leave due to physical factors – like being locked up or having a drug dependency, or mental/emotional factors – like fearing punishment or fearing for their family’s safety. When a person exploits another’s vulnerability in order to abuse their power and make a profit, it is considered human trafficking.

The Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force is a collaborative partnership led by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and Operation SafeHouse to develop resources within Riverside County to educate, prevent, intervene and treat victims of human trafficking and exploitation. The goal of the Task Force is to coordinate services tailored to the characteristics and circumstances of these victims, train law enforcement on investigation and detection, educate the public and create awareness to protect people from abuse and exploitation. Together with federal law enforcement, the United States Attorney’s Office, the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, and the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services we aim to Protect, Prevent, Prosecute, and Partner on behalf of victims.